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Special systems for architectural lighting for exterior and interior, colour changer hotel, shopping mall, parks, buildings for offices, cult buildings, public institutions...
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Parking Management
Complete management systems of parking including payment, automatic and manual, counter free seats, bounce, access systems on the basis of subscription...
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About Briliant

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Briliant Technologies is the specialist that integrates end-to-end solutions for intelligent management of various areas in which it activates using equipment and solutions both his own production as well as from the best technology developers at international level.

Briliant technologies is an expert in the processing of raw information into intelligent information, useful and applicable in environments in which it activates through the integration of multiple intelligent solutions, information showing directions to follow and realising evolution of a company.

The company is structured in present in divisions specialized in different fields of activity: IT, communication, security, Audio and Video, management and control, Automation, special Solutions and Services. Framing your company's activity is based on his desire to come as promptly to meet customers' needs.

The IT division is the logo and heart of the company, being present on the market, and in leading position, with a few software products B2B in the health care sector, leisure and sports, Spa and Leisure and Horeca, and ERP in general fields through solutions Microsoft Dynamics, offering at the same time type solution SaaS (Software as a Service) for areas such as monitoring GPS and Digital Signage or custom Outsourcing solutions. Also, located in the middle of other divisions, the IT division integrates and combines in its products some adjacent components related access control systems, security and automation, by offering end-to-end solutions for all of the areas concerned.

The Divisions Communications, Security and Automation offer all add our company with solutions and structured cabling systems and networking, telephony, and video interphones communications systems, IP and nurse call, detection and alarm from tampering, video surveillance, detection and fire alarm, access control, public address, barriers and automation products for doors and gates, a payment for parking lots, BMS and integrated security systems.

The division Audio - Video develops all projects intended to equip with professional audio-video systems , including sounds, ambient lighting and power, lights and effects of scene, systems and networks of digital-signage, architectural lighting solutions, conference systems, video conferencing and telepresence solutions with wide range of applications, from concert halls, stadiums, hotels and to e-learning 3D solutions or vocational retraining.

The Management and control Division shall serve to integrate the majority of systems developed by the rest of the company with a view to deliver end-to-end solutions and intelligent management of the business. In this context, the systems offered are distinguished by bridging solutions for the control of employees, workflow management of persons in the medical system, banking or public administrations, auto fleet management and equipment by systems of tracking and reporting by GPS, parking management specific systems by means of the integration of a parking, checking the fire patrol on employees of the system security and unification of critical information in centres of command and control for areas such as traffic surveillance, management and power distribution, centres for safety, etc.

The Division Special Solutions closes the circle of integrated security solutions offered by Briliant Technologies and proposes services and advanced solutions for detection and identification, voice and video analysis, strategic objectives perimeters, radiolocation systems and special communications addressed in particular to Airport security, borders and the other objectives of strategic interest.


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